My Laptop Lifestyle Story - Episode 6

November 20, 2017

The reason of "Let's Build Your Laptop Lifestyle" is to share stories and open your eyes, that IT IS POSSIBLE to live a different life as you are living right now.

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I was commuting four, sometimes even more hours a day to a job I hated.

My closest co-worker just made my days hell, the job itself was not rewarding at all, and maybe I was even good in it, but I hated to answer the phones. Every call started with a complaint, "This is not working. That's not working. Why not working?" I remember sitting depressed at home checking my Facebook all the time, because that's what you do.

But the pain I felt when looking at fitness models, successful entrepreneurs, and when you look down to yourself and, "Come on, this is not what I meant to be.

I knew I can do more." But I failed, I failed so many times.

I know to get a better body I need to go to the gym, I should eat more healthier, but how? If I leave at 5:50 AM and arrive at 7:30 PM exhausted, hungry, and frankly, depressed. I knew the only solution is to have more money or more time.

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The Money Producing Activity - Episode 5

November 13, 2017

When procrastination hits in you know it's a sign of overwhelm and that you don't have a plan. In online marketing I learned the hard way that it's because I got caught up with tiny things, learning but not focusing on the number one action I should be focused on. Which is the money producing activity!

Starting a new business, a new online opportunity can be overwhelming!
But don't let that happen to you ever again. Focus on the money producing activities, the ones bring you the most amount of money in and you will figure the rest.

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The Features Of A Good Online Business System - Episode 4

November 6, 2017

You're most likely here because you want an online business, you want to have some kind of income stream reoccurring, online income stream, or you have already joined something, but it's not really working out, and you need a little help with that.


Make sure when you join an opportunity or join a trial, that's the best way usually, all of these opportunities have 30 day, 60 day money back guarantee, which is what you're looking for. You want to make sure that the system is a turnkey system. They have the training, so if you go into the back office, and you can create landing pages. You can get email swipes, you know, emails templates, what you can sound out straight away.


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How to find your ideal client and why - Episode 3

October 31, 2017

First of all, why you need an ideal client. In the last episode, I talked about people's needs and buying cycle. We aren’t sales persons, we are marketers. We want to target people we can convert with the tools we have as soon as possible. Our marketing budget should be focused on people who are just before the purchase decision and need that little nudge information or just perspective, what you have on some stuff they maybe never heard about.


That would push them to pull the card out and purchase from you. Not from someone else, but from you, because you gave that information what they just needed. If you missed episode two, just go head and listen to it, because that's an important part of this whole message.


Book I mentioned How to Write Seductive Web Copy, by Henneke Duistermaat -


Questions to answer to find your ideal client -


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The buying cycle, Maslow’s pyramid and you - Episode 2

October 24, 2017

I'm sure you heard the phrase, "If you try to sell everyone, you won't sell no one."

In the last episode I talked about the importance how to find the right people for your offer and understand the basics. Hi, my name is Agnes, Agnes Bogardi, and I'm your online business consultant. One of those basics are buying cycle and the needs of your client, prospects, your niche. In this episode, I would like to make sure this information is always somewhere in your mind. You don't need to learn it exactly. But promise by every action you take, you make it according to your clients' needs and place where they are right now in the buying cycle.

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How to make money online - Episode 1

October 14, 2017

There is one crutial part when selling things online and that's what most of the courses miss to mention. Learn what you need to master in order to start earning money.

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